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Holidays with a
Mayan Twist 


Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at

La Flor de Yucatán!

When you're hosting a get together and spend the whole day cooking, you're not in the mood for much celebrating afterward. This year don't slave away! Relax & let us make your dinner

 We will provide you with a juicy & full of flavor meal...Ready to eat? All you have to do is order & serve!


Don't wait for the last minute and order your Thanksgiving Dinner today!

Turkey Meal includes:

(Serves 10-15)
  • Turkey

  • Stuffing

  • Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

  • Vegetable Casserole

  • Cranberry Sauce

  • Baked Yams & Marshmellows

  • Pumpkin Pie

  • Dinner Rolls

**Add a SPIRAL HAM & receive DOUBLE the serving on all sides.

A La Carte orders also accepted!

Special & non-traditional requests welcome!

Add a little variety to your Holiday Dinner: add a Mayan dish, cake, cocktail cake, or any other dessert!

Other Meal Sides or Compliments

 • Yucatecan Tamales
  1. Colados
  2. Vaporcitos (Tortiado)
  3. Espelon 
  4. Horneados
  5. Dzotobichay
  6. Joloch
  7. Chachacuajes
  8. Mukbilpollo (Pib) 


 • Mexican Tamales

  1. Red
  2. Green
  3. Sweet
  4. Cheese & Jalapeño (Rajas)
  5. Shrimp

   • Central American Tamales Also available

 • Sandwichon

 • Baked Spaghetti Casserole(Mayan Style)   

 • Macaroni & Cheese

  • Hawaiian Pasta Salad

 • Flan Napolitano

 • Fruit Tarts

 • Ambroisa Fruit Salad

 • Cocktail Cakes