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A Bit of Mayan Tradition
Hanal Pixán (Oct 30- Nov 6) 


The Mayans are a very traditional people and have a very conservative spirit. They have held to many of the ancient traditions and wisdom of their forefathers in spite of the conquest by the Spanish. Today, even though the world around them has changed and become a mixture of cultures to some degree you can still experience aspects of the Mayan Culture which produces some very colorful activities in which man is linked by ritual to the Gods of the Mayan world.

The 'holiday of the dead' is one of those sacred ceremonies of the Mayan community, that comes from the times of the ancients in which offerings are made to the dead.

Offerings that range from flowers, foods and drinks are made available for the dead with the idea of creating a balance between the spirit world and the physical world we live in.

Much like the U.S.A celebrates Halloweeen, & Mexico the "Day of the Dead", Yucatán celebrates "Hanal Pixan", Mayan for "Feast for the Souls". It is a week long Mayan-Catholic, Day of the Dead Celebration.

Today, like many centuries ago, an alter is created to commemorate dead loved ones. It is beleived that during this time the souls come to visit and stay with us for one week.


  Múkbilpollo or "Pib" & Pan de Muerto (Bread of the Dead)


At La Flor de Yucatán, we bring the tradition of our Mayan ancestors to your home with the main dish & dessert eaten during Hanal Pixán:

Múkbilpollo or "Pib"

is a Mayan baked tamal pie offered to the dead on All Saints' Day, traditionally accompanied by a cup of hot chocolate.  It is made with espelon (baby black eyed peas) and stuffed with pork,chicken, veggies, and smothered in k'ool (annatto gravy). In Yucatán, the "Pib" is to the Day of the Dead, like a Turkey is to Thanksgiving in the U.S.A.

Pan de Muerto (Bread of the Dead)

is a type of bread baked during the season of the Day of the Dead. It is a soft bread covered with sugar or sesame seeds. Traditionaly it is round shaped with pieces of bread representing bones on it, and another bread sphere representing the skull.